Tooth Crown preparation: A molded impression of the teeth is made and sent to the dental laboratory. A temporarily crown might be necessary to protect the tooth inb the meantime. Once the the crown is completed it will be cemented. There are several materials to choose:
Metal tooth crown: It include gold alloys, other alloys or a base-metal alloy like nickel or chromium. Metal crowns last the longest and can withstand biting and chewing forces and seldom chip or break. Metallic crowns are a good choice for out of sight molar. The only drawback is their color.
Porcelain dental crowns (fused to metal)can be colour matched to the adjacent teeth. More wearing to the opposing teeth occurs with this type of crowns and its porcelain portion may chip or break. Next to all-ceramic crowns, these types of crowns look most like normal teeth. This type of dental crowns can be a good choice for front or back teeth.
All ceramic or all-porcelain dental crown: they provide the best natural color match among all crown types and are suitable for people with metal allergies. For front teeth, all ceramic crowns are a good choice.