Our dental office is offering you 20 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, we have unique payment plans designed for you to help you achive optimal dental helath and a beautiful smile. With our proved dental venners methods we can:
Help you recover the wared and discolored hard white substance covering your teeth (the name of this substance is enamel). Your drink habits, medication and genetic predisposition may result in your teeth becoming worn, dulled, and discolored.
Help you fix the chips, cracks and uneven appearance of your aged teeth.
Help you fix the genetically born irregular espace between your teeth and to level your uneven teeth.
Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are glass-like and have a great advantage over other cosmetic bonding techniques: they are translucent! A porcelain veneer bonded onto a tooth’s surface will closely mimic the light handling characteristics of dental natural enamel. When light strikes the surface of a veneered tooth the same effect as natural dental enamel happens, the light will reflect off the opaque cement and tooth dentin that lies underneath the veneer, and then on back out of the tooth. This translucency effect of the porcelain creates a lustrous appearance for the tooth that very closely resembles the natural appearance of enamel. Porcelain venners are more expensive than composite resine venners.
Lumineers: In contrast to traditional veneers, LUMINEERS don’t require shots or drilling of sensitive tooth structure, and that means no pain. That’s because LUMINEERS are ultra-thin so they can be applied seamlessly over your existing teeth in only two easy visits to your dentist.
Veneers Dentist Dr. Bruce E. King
Our experienced Team will assist you to:
Get a bright, white smile with beautifully aligned, shapely teeth.
Fix the excessive space between your teeth.
Fix the chips, cracks or uneven appearance of aged teeth.
Fix the wear and discoloration of your teeth.
We also speak Spanish, Hungarian and German.

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